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It's all about gold in this exercise. Which team can win the rights to mine for gold and gain a multi-billion-dollar windfall for their country? They must watch for lies, spies and deception in this no holds barred event.


Delegates will be randomly selected for a team which will represent a country. 


Each Country will win points by completing tasks and winning the eventual bid for the mining rights. Points will be won or lost along the way. The winning team is the team with the most points and will receive prizes and of course the office bragging rights!


There is, however, a very serious spanner in the works. Each country will have a spy. His or her objective is to use any method to gain information and to disrupt and sabotage your plans to win, to the advantage of their own team.  Without being discovered of course!


Finally, there are no rules. You can use any means at your disposal to achieve your objectives.  However, any activities judged illegal by the U.N. may incur a points loss - if you get found out.




Nice n Easy Events Staff:

Experienced Event Facilitator

Professional actors in theme


Pre-Event Instructions and Itinerary

All props and equipment

PA Equipment (PAT tested)

Award ceremony and prizes

Full public liability insurance

Performance and copyright Fees


Event Type:

Competitive, A test of mental agility, cognitive reasoning, and creativity.



No of Delegates :

4 to 90