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Your teams are all inmates of a most notorious, escape-proof prison. Their job is simply to plan an escape route and get all their team out successfully.  You can be sure that this is no Shawshank!

Delegates will form teams to plan their escape from Jail. They will be given plans of the jail but no other equipment will be available. Other teams may have stuff you need to get out. What have you to trade with? Is it legal and will you get caught? No laptops or smart phones allowed. So how do you research or contact the outside?


Nice n Easy Events Staff:

Experienced Event Facilitator

Professional actors in theme

All props and equipment

PA Equipment (PAT tested)

Award ceremony and prizes

Full public liability insurance

Performance and copyright Fees



Event Type:

Competitive, A test of mental agility, cognitive reasoning, and creativity.



No. of Delegates:

4 to 90