Products:    Bargain Basement   


Your teams will set up a new store. It will retail items that will sell for only 99p. How do they beat the other competition in the room? How do they obtain the goods they need? The are no rules to this fun exercise!


Delegates will form a company to run a 99p shop. They will be given tasks to complete along the way.


Problems will arise that could not have been foreseen; but can your teams come together to get through these challenges and make the biggest profit?


Finally, there are no rules. You can use any means at your disposal to achieve your objectives. 



Nice n Easy Events Staff:

Experienced Event Facilitator

Professional actors in theme:

2x Trading Standards Enforcer


Pre-Event Instructions and Itinerary

All props and equipment

PA Equipment (PAT tested)

Award ceremony and prizes

Full public liability insurance

Performance and copyright Fees



Event Type:

Competitive, A test of mental agility, cognitive reasoning, and creativity.



No of Delegates :

4 to 90