Sister Lucy's Ghost



It is said that Sister Lucy, who was a nun, haunts the cellars of the building you are in.

 The story says that she was sadistically killed for having had an affair. But what is true and what is fiction?


Brian Witherspoon has written the definitive book on the subject but of course, the stories of seeing Sister Lucy walking round the pub are rubbish.  



We  take great pride in the products we offer.  All our plots and themes contain original  dramatic story lines  with realistic and relatable characters.  


The quality of the acting, the stories and our methodology, combine to make our murder mysteries engaging, humorous and dramatic.

All plots are solvable by using the clues provided both as physical evidence and during the acting out of the scenes.

All actors remain in character at all times during the performance.

No audience member is asked to act in any of our performances.