Murder is a Funny Business!

Guests at a murder mystery

Actually it isn't. It's a very horrible thing to happen, of course. However, the team at Nice N Easy Events have a total of nearly 20 years experience of performing in Murder Mysteries. This works at out at over 1000 murders that the general public has joyously engaged in with us. And at roughly 80 guests per event, that is an astonishing 80,000 people who have been thoroughly entered by a somewhat

macabre subject! Wow.

Why, then, are Murder Mysteries so popular?

Studying evidence

Murder Mysteries have been around on films, theatre, radio and television for many, many years and the good ones are hugely popular. But, whilst we can greatly enjoy these, we still remain detatched, watching from a distance. However, an interactive murder mystery such as those we produce at Nice N Easy Events, means that the watchers are in the middle of everything that goes on. They can question suspects, study evidence, find information and witness interactions between the protagonists. They can even examine bodies - albeit not forensically!

And more than that - and I don't think this is by any means the main reason, but by being in such close proximity to the characters involved, the guests get to know them over the evening or the full weekend. They learn to empathise, understand, sympathise and even dislike the suspects! The big cheer that occurs, when the hated protagonist is arrested at the end is testiment to that. Dinner theatre such as this, presents an entirely different form of murder mystery to films and television and this is what we mean by an interactive murder mystery event.

So it would seem that characterisations in an interactive murder mystery are paramount. How does a murder mystery create the right characters, recruit actors to portray and ensure that guests relate to them? We'll discuss that in a later blog!


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