It shouldn't happen to a murderer #2

Wedding parties are ideal themes for murder mysteries. Indeed on one occasion we had a double wedding, where we performed one of our wedding plots alongside a real wedding! It was a superb day - if a little unusual.

But in one particular wedding plot we frequently performed, there was a bride character who was, shall we say, not the sharpest knife in the draw. This gave rise to a comedy moment that I shall enjoy re-telling. In the plot the groom is rich and aristocratic. His bride asked him where it was they were going on honeymoon. "Oh, " said the groom, "We shall visit my villa in Tuscany."

"Oh that's wonderful," replied the bride. "I just love Wales!"

Another wedding scenario was for a couple who are not so rich and the wedding is on a serious budget. Mid way through the story it is revealed that the bride is pregnant. A guest asks the bride if she has thought of any names yet? The Bride replies, "Yes. If it's a girl, I'll name her Paris and if it's a boy, I think I'll name him Kentucky." "Oh, " says the guest, "Have you been to Kentucky?"

The bride replied, "Yeah. - I get all my chicken from there."

This demonstrates some wonderful quick thinking and wit from the actresses in an improv role and shows how murder mysteries can be such fun for guests and the performers alike. I'll have more of these gems later and also want to talk about the different style of murder mystery events. But more of that later.


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