Dinner Party

We  take great pride in the products we offer.  All our plots and themes contain original  dramatic story lines  with realistic and relatable characters.  


The quality of the acting, the stories and our methodology, combine to make our murder mysteries engaging, humorous and dramatic.

All plots are solvable by using the clues provided both as physical evidence and during the acting out of the scenes.

All actors remain in character at all times during the performance.

No audience member is asked to act in any of our performances. 

(c) denotes plot acted out in period costume

Live and Let Spy

Set in 1952. You are invited to a dinner tonight thrown by The Ancient Order of the Otter to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Plus, long standing member Archibald Wearing is to be given a special award.  The Ancient Order of the Otter is a very enigmatic, mysterious society and rumours abound about their clandestine and secretive behaviour. What is it they do exactly? Who is the ‘Grand Director’?  Have the soviets infiltrated them? And would they kill to keep their secrets?  Black Tie Evening.

A Ghostly Murder

It is said that the  local derelict  abbey is haunted, and any who visit there are cursed to die. Nick Crossley doesn’t believe in it, so he is trying to organise an expedition, in which he and some colleagues will stay in the Abbey for several days. They will then join you at this dinner and report any findings.  Of course, the curse is all nonsense, isn’t it? It must be…….

The Wedding of the Century

Tonight is the pre-nuptial party of Sharon Bailey (Shazza) and Lord Anthony St.John Smythe. Shazza has always wanted a big wedding and it seems that her fiance, Lord St. John Smythe is happy to indulge her. But who isn't happy about this? And what lengths will they go to to stop it?

Murder in the Country (c)

It is 1927. Gillespie’s farm had been in the family for many generations. It had always been hugely successful, but times have changed, and the farm is on the verge of bankruptcy. Will Jack Gillespie sell the farm or try to make a go of it? What of his two sons, George, and Edward? What is it they want? And just what influence does the mysterious Veronica have in all this?

A Medieval Murder Mystery (c)

The War of The Roses is over. You are invited to celebrate the evening with Baron Charles de Vere. The Baron is a lifelong supporter of Henry VII, but all is not good in the Baron’s household. What exactly did happen to his wife? Why are the servants so disgruntled? And who has a guilty secret?

Christmas Cards

It is the card company's Christmas Party.  Not everybody has the Christmas spirit though. Who isn’t pleased that the company has done so well this year? Has someone got different ambitions – and would this be reason enough to kill?

They are here!

After strange lights in the sky last night, Kelvin Hunt will display what he claims is dramatic and revealing evidence that aliens are amongst us.

An exciting night no doubt, but should Kelvin be careful about who he speaks to and what he says? Because not everybody believes in UFOs - do they?

La Giaconda

What has caused the fire that closed down the restaurant, La Giaconda,  forcing proprietor Suzi Green to hire a hotel in order to keep her customers happy?  Are things behind the scenes at La Giaconda all sweetness and light?  And does anyone hold a grudge?

Classified (C)

A man known as 'K' trains operatives to work overseas.

Tonight you are invited to dine with the successful graduates of the class of the year. But who is there under false pretences? Who does not have British interests at heart? And would somebody have to be – eliminated?

Sister Lucy's Ghost 

It is said that Sister Lucy, who was a nun, haunts the cellars The story says that she was sadistically killed for having had an affair. But what is true and what is fiction? Brian Witherspoon has written the definitive book on the subject but of course, the stories of seeing Sister Lucy walking round the pub are rubbish.  Right?

And currently in production for 2022:

Vengeance at the Village 

Where there's a Wife

Winner Takes it All

The Wedding that Never Was

The Coach Party