Live and Let Spy

Dinner Party

It is the1952. You are invited to a dinner tonight thrown by The Ancient Order of the Otter to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Plus, long standing member Archibald Wearing is to be given a special award.  


The Ancient Order of the Otter is a very enigmatic, mysterious society and rumours abound about their clandestine and secretive behaviour.


What is it they do exactly? Who is the ‘Grand Director’?  Have the soviets infiltrated them? And would they kill to keep their secrets? 

Black Tie Event.

We  take great pride in the products we offer.  All our plots and themes contain original  dramatic story lines  with realistic and relatable characters.  

The quality of the acting, the stories and our methodology, combine to make our murder mysteries engaging, humorous and dramatic.

All plots are solvable by using the clues provided both as physical evidence and during the acting out of the scenes.

All actors remain in character at all times during the performance.

No audience member is asked to act in any of our performances.