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The Christmas Card Caper

The Cock Hotel,
72-74 High Street,
Stony Stratford, 
MK11 1AH
Thursday December 14th 2023
Tickets £40.00
Including 3 course meal


01908 567733


01908 578393

The Christmas Card Caper

Rothwell Greetings Card Company is holding their Annual Christmas Fancy Dress Party and you are all invited .

It is a double celebration as this year sales have exceeded all expectations and there have been some very healthy bonuses indeed!


Peter Beaumont owns and runs the company and has put this party together.  Peter and his wife, Anne will of course be there. 

Not everybody has the Christmas spirit though.

Who isn’t pleased that the company has done so well this year? Has someone got different ambitions – and would this be reason enough to kill?

This is a murder mystery event provided by Nice n Easy Events. 

This story is set in 2023. As it is a fancy dress theme, something suitable would be ideal,  but is not compulsory. 
Prizes will be awarded for the best dressed!

You may be seated on a table with other guests and actors.
No actor will carry information or evidence on their person, in their clothing, bags or pockets.
Loud talking or shouting during the event may spoil it for others and you may miss key clues.



The performance commences at 7:00pm

The event will end between 10:00 and 10:30pm


Other  Details

Advisory U18s : There may be adult themes discussed and scenes of horror not suitable for younger children